More and more businesses are putting up their online stores to reach more customers – whether locally or internationally. This brings the question: Does your business have the right digital platform to get more revenue? You can start with Shopify website design

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The ecommerce marketplace is thriving.

The number of online consumers shows an upward trend, with its growth showing no signs of slowing down. It is the convenience and ease of ordering products which are not accessible from their local stores that make ecommerce a successful industry.

As consumers savour the perks of online shopping, businesses like yours need to have a reliable platform secure online transactions. That’s what Shopify websites can offer.

Why is Shopify the preferred

eCommerce platform?

  • Shopify currently powers more than 600,000 websites worldwide and has a large community.

  • Products can be added easily and payments can be set up quickly.

  • Shopify platform is SEO friendly.

  • Shopify is very cost-effective because it is a hosted platform and all hosting costs are included in the monthly plan. No extra payments or efforts are required beyond this.

  • Shopify offers a large App Store with more than 2,500 apps and add-ons that can be used to add more features and functionality into your site namely:

  • Trust icons that display the store’s security

  • Mail Chimp account for email campaigns

  • Social media integration package

  • Shipment tracking functionality

  • Store analytics

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How can we help your business?

Lemok Agency offers end-to-end Shopify web development services. We design & implement a unique Shopify theme and perform customizations on it. We assist with opening PayFast accounts to collect payments as well as integrating with Facebook Shop, Instagram Shop & Google Shopping. Your online store is optimized for SEO purposes and finally launched.  Once launched, we also support you with Facebook advertising campaigns to drive sales as well as weekly email newsletters.

How much will it cost?

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