Like any kind of retail, the mall as a construct is not dead, but it does need to be radically reinvented. In some cases, malls are not being killed by online retail; instead, they are helping to build online retailers. And we believe the future of South African shopping centres lies in successfully bringing together the physical (brick & mortar) with digital (eCommerce/digital marketing/fintech/etc) and creating new experiences for your shoppers, while re-purposing vacant spaces & generating new revenue streams.


Tomorrow’s success will belong to those developers and tenants willing to break from yesterday’s patterns and practices and fully embrace a consumer-driven future.


A fully integrated marketing strategy positions a shopping centre to take full advantage of platforms at its disposal, while creating a full 360 experience for its shoppers. The Lemok Agency team will assist you in researching, conceptualising and documenting your shopping centre’s integrated marketing plan with the future in mind.