Social media (and influencer marketing) offers an unprecedented opportunity to showcase your shopping centre offerings and environments, in a fun & engaging manner (at a reduced cost). And in all honesty, not every shopping centre should be on Facebook. Therefore choosing platforms should be according to your target audience, not popularity of platforms. But most importantly, it must be informed by a well-structured digital marketing strategy.

Our job is to help you build a truly solid content strategy, which looks at the following:

  1. Thinking long-term with your marketing initiatives; marketing management should be concerned about the present but the future as well. Once-off campaigns do not give people a reason to visit your centre. The advantage of longevity in initiatives is in the building of a new narrative around your centre. People do not visit shopping centres for shopping exclusively; figure out what the other reasons are and build spaces and initiatives around that. This constitutes a good, original content strategy.
  2. Linking the overall strategy with your social media. Social media shouldn’t just be about sharing tenant content, but consider that your centre’s brand is equally as important and this is where social media can help.
  3. Lastly, content must be conversational. It must talk to the less-obvious needs of your audience while showing off your centre.

Shopping centres relatively have low engagement rates on social media (usually around 2–4 likes per post), and this is because most centres share the same content on their platforms. It becomes redundant.

Let LEMOK AGENCY help you create truly unique content around your centres, and win at this social media game.