Imagine starting Monday morning with 10 sales leads waiting in your inbox. Is there a more productive way to start the work week, in relation to expanding a business? Probably not.

Finding leads is time-consuming. That is why we have launched our Lead Generation offering to free up substantial time, all while retaining the same (if not more) income opportunities.

How Does It Work?

We will do the heavy-lifting for you, utilizing our digital marketing expertise to run lead generation campaigns on Facebook & Instagram. Leads will be sent to you every morning (08:00-09:00) and during lunch (12:00-13:00) each day.


  • You will choose one product or service for us to advertise
  • We will create the artwork and write-up
  • We will create the ad on Facebook & Instagram, targeting your most likely target market
  • Our team will then “export” leads and send to a designated email address each day.
  • R20 ex VAT per lead will be charged (promo pricing). An invoice will be sent every Friday and is due for payment in 3 days after invoicing.
What Business Industries Use Lead Generation? 

Lead generation could theoretically work for any business, but businesses most often using this type of marketing include internet service providers, ICT companies, insurance agencies, education institutions, real estate brokerages, office suppliers, and furniture stores. Trends show that lead generation will continue to grow, especially for service-oriented businesses.


Although building the relationship organically is always better, if you find yourself in want of new business, lead generation can be an exceptional way to profit and expand.